IBRA is a non-profit association founded on 25 July 2005 and registered in RUNTS since 13 July 2023 which aims to spread the art of making bamboo (split cane) fly rods. After the experience of the first gathering which was organized in May 2005, the organizers felt the necessity to create an association that would continue the good work which emerged from this gathering.

The plans were and remain very ambitious but what really counts is that the initiatives brought forward by IBRA is the fact that many Rodmakers have had the opportunity to meet and to exchange opinions, comments, experiences and also to have given many fishermen the opportunity to begin this activity and the revaluation in Italy of the use of bamboo rods for fly fishing.

Rodmaking is a kind of artisanship which is very close to an art form and IBRA has the desire to become the keeper and promoter of this great tradition.

Gabriele Gori