In this section you can find the taper of the rod designed by IBRA and Roberto Pragliola so that is available to all rodmakers and bamboo fans.

List of IRP rods currently produced and certified by IBRA

N° Maker Year Placed
1Massimo Giuliani – Gabriele Gori2007 Museo Castel di Sangro
2Alberto Poratelli 2007 Roberto Pragliola
3Giovanni Nese 2007Ibra Corner
4Walter Rumi 2007Vinta alla Lotteria da Claudio Tosti
5Moreno Borriero 2009private
6Alberto Poratelli 2009private
7Massimo Giuliani – Gabriele Gori 2009private
8 Alberto Poratelli 2011private
9Claudio Biagi – Massimo Giuliani 2012private