We sometimes try out a rod and would like to know the taper. While taper from famous rodmakers are quite easy to find on the web, one can just hope that the other rodmakers are willing to share their secrets. In this section you can find tapers which are more or less famous that our members have decided to share.
Alberto Azzoni 7’6″ #4-5 Brunner Salza – Download

The action is medium/fast, it’s works well on medium distance. I prefer to use with a 4DT line. The reel seats was made with olive tree, with down locking rings made with brass, the rod is wrapped with yellow floss. Tip top + 9 snake guides + stripping guide cromed. The measures are average of the different faces, and the thickness of varnish it wasn’t subtracted.

7’6″ #5 Grays “Supreme” – Download

Grays, subbrand of Hardy, is powerfull and progressive, it’s a medium/fast action. It works well with 4DT line. Reel seats was made with cork, with down locking rings in aluminium. Tip top + 5 snake guides + stripping guide cromed. The measures are the averages of three faces, and the thickness of varnish wasn’t subtracted.

Alberto Poratelli – AProds 12’0″ – 520 gra Steelhead – Download

Double handed rod.

6’0″ #3 6032 Parabolic – Download

6’6″ #3 6632 Temolo – Download

9’0″ #5 – Download

Some time ago a friend of mine asked me to repair his old rod. It was a 9″ for line 5. It’s quite heavy, but really powerfull, and leave us surprised when we used. For me it’s a good rod for fishing black bass in lake.

Franco Ferrari 6’10” #5 Hardy The Phantom – Download

Made in 1968, parabolic, powerfull and precise rod.

7’2″ #4 Hardy Walker&Bampton – Download

A little jewelry of elegance and harmony in the cast. Unfortunatly the name of the model was lost in a previus restoration. On reel seats shows this date: 1937/6/6, maybe the buying date. Who has an old catalogue with registration number maybe can find the production date.

7’9″ #7 The Ko-i-noor Rod – Download

Made in 1937.

8’0″ #5 Hardy C.C. De France – Download

Made in 1967, parabolic and powerfull, for long casts.

8’0″ #6 Hardy Palakona – Download

I restored an Hardy Palakona of 1909 and I admit that it’s really amazing. It’s progressive, powerfull, harmonious and precise. It works well for every type of technique: dry, wet and nymph.

Franco Francucci 6’3″ #4/5 Pezon & Michel – Download

Ritz Super Parabolic PPP Featherweight—type Glenn Klark.

7’4″ #5 Pezon & Michel – Download

Parabolic Royale

Giovanni Nese 6’3″ #3-4 Esatra 00 – Download

Irregular hex rod.

Marco Orlando Giardina – MOG 7’0″ #4 quadra (quad) – Download

Some rodmakers asked me the taper of the quad rod made from Alberto Poratelli and used for first prize in the raffle of IBRA’s Gathering 2007.

7’0″ #4 Tip fast action – Download

The taper of MOG 7042 TA

7’6″ #4 Tip fast action – Download

The taper of 7642 TA

Massimo Giuliani 7’6″ T&T Hendrikson – Download

This rod of Thomas & Thomas it’s part of Individualist series.

Massimo Tirocchi 7’0″ Honey 7042 – Download

This taper borns victim of three obsessions:

  • Action of the rod. The best compromise between tip action and progressive action.
  • Complessive weight and it distribution.
  • Point of balancement of the rod: in the most cases when I take in hand a bamboo rod I’ve the impression that there is an excessive weight on the tip. Mounted the reel the balancement is always to far from the reel. I want the balancement are close as possible to the reel.
Wolfram Schott European Bamboo Rod Tapers – Download