In this section you will find some interesting and useful articles and files for rodmakers which IBRA members wish to share with all lovers of Bamboo rods.

_Lista Articoli Bamboo JournalBJ IndexSandro Piatti
-The article explains how to make a tip top.Rodmaking TechniquesMario Ferrari
-How to make a milling machine for the untapered strips.Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Azzoni
-How to make the snake guidesRodmaking TechniquesStefano Ferri
-How to make a cheap hand mill... an End Miller.Toolings and machinesSaverio Pandolfi
-Bamboo ferrules.Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
-A spreadsheet for sizing the lenght of the blank.Rodmaking softwareGiovanni Nese
-A system for immersion varnishing for rooms with low ceiling.Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
-The "Bergamasco knot"FlyfishingIvano Rovigo
-From full rod to hollow rod: a possible computing method.Rodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori, Albano Barbiani
-Multimedial blog, in swf format, dedicated to the rodbuilding.Rodmaking TechniquesMarco Orlando Giardina
-A possibile method for sizing bamboo ferrules.Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
-Spreadsheet for trasforming an hex rod to penta or quad rod.Rodmaking softwareGabriele Gori, Marco Orlando Giardina
-Spreadsheet for determinate the position of snake guides.Rodmaking softwareMarco Schiavi, Albano Barbiani
-The Poor Man ScraperToolings and machinesGiovanni Nese
-How to make a hot air oven with balanced temperature.Toolings and machinesOscar Ferri, Francesco Turrini
-History of rod building at HardysRodmaking HistoryAndrew Herd
-European rod tapersRodmaking HistoryWolfram Schott
-Bamboo under the microscopeMeditations and considerationsWolfram Schott
-A few remarks about Silk LinesMeditations and considerationsWolfram Schott
-Bamboo in the laboratoryMeditations and considerationsWolfram Schott
_Two Hand TapersRodmaking TechniquesWolfram Schott
_Le bambou forgeRodmaking TechniquesFrédéric Leroy
_Planing Form - Project by Gabriele GoriRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori
0The President welcomeEditorialsGabriele Gori
0Editorial (1)EditorialsRoberto Natali
0Editorial (2)EditorialsAlberto Azzoni
0The historian's corner: Walter Brunner's Gebetsroither SuperRodmaking HistoryRoberto Natali
0Walter Rumi: italian rodmaking pioneerRodmakers ProfilesAlberto Azzoni
0Bamboo and light lines: an incompatible couple?Meditations and considerationsRoberto Pragliola
0Bamboo DayEvents/GatheringsIBRA
1EditorialEditorialsAlberto Azzoni
1Euro 08...oppure Bella ItaliaEvents/GatheringsP. Sicher, J. Vecko
1The streamlined bamboo ferruleRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori, Alberto Poratelli
1Rodmakers Profiles: Bjarne FriesRodmakers ProfilesAlessandro Brunelli
1The elevatorToolings and machinesP. Agostini
1The history corner: Hardy CC de FranceRodmaking HistoryRoberto Natali
1Wooden planing form for quadratesRodmaking TechniquesLuciano Oltolini
1A rodmaker without websiteRodmakers ProfilesAlberto Azzoni
2EditorialEditorialsAlberto Azzoni
2Making agate stripping guidesRodmaking TechniquesStefano Ferri
2Making agate stripping guidesRodmaking TechniquesC. Testa
2Provencal bambooEvents/GatheringsAlberto Azzoni
2Hexagonal spaceRodmaking HistoryT. Lescoat, P. Moine
2The history corner: P.& M. Fario ClubRodmaking HistoryRoberto Natali
2Obtaining and keeping 60° anglesRodmaking TechniquesHarry Boyd
2Dimensioning bamboo ferrules and calculating the lenght of the blankRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
2GG HexaWorksRodmaking softwareGabriele Gori, Marco Giardina
2Oval?Rodmaking TechniquesGiovanni Nese
2Rodmakers Profiles: Robert StrohRodmakers ProfilesAlessandro Brunelli
2Rodmaking or do it yourselfMeditations and considerationsAlberto Poratelli
3Under the Tuscan SunEvents/GatheringsJerry Kustich
3Two New FriendsEvents/GatheringsMoreno Borriero
3The faces of the GatheringEvents/GatheringsAlberto Poratelli
3A simple node dressing toolRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori
3Benchtop PlanerToolings and machinesDavid Bolin
3Marco Boretti RodmakerRodmakers ProfilesAlberto Azzoni
3Making the NS Ferrules on a mini-latheRodmaking TechniquesAntonio Paglia
3The Marvel of L.R. & J.J. HardyRodmaking HistoryRoberto Natali
3Hand madeRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori, Marco Giardina
3Meditation and research on bamboo ferrules - Cap. 1 -Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
4Some Bamboo Rodmaking ThoughtsRodmaking TechniquesTom Morgan
4Second European Bamboo Rodmaking GatheringEvents/GatheringsAlessandro Brunelli
4The story of an amateur French Rodmaker ...Events/GatheringsChristian Diacon
4The West Coast Rod Building SchoolRodmakers ProfilesRick D. Sorensen
4Reflections of a Fly TyerMeditations and considerationsAlberto Calzolari
4The Pezon et Michel's Super MarvelRodmaking HistoryRoberto Natali
4The IRP projectRodmaking HistoryMarco O. Giardina
4IBRA?Rodmaking class of 2009Events/GatheringsMoreno Borriero
4Meditation and research on bamboo ferrules - Cap. 2 -Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
4A easy way to build a wood insert ...Rodmaking TechniquesMarco O. Giardina
5EditorialEditorialsMarco O. Giardina
5Straightening blanks, What a bore!Rodmaking TechniquesMarzio Giglio
5Tortoise shell / Tiger flamingRodmaking TechniquesGiovanni Nese
5A rodmaker's profile: Edoardo ScapinRodmakers ProfilesEnrico Rossi
5Photos from the 5th Rodmaking classEvents/GatheringsAlberto Poratelli
5Photos of the 2010 GatheringEvents/GatheringsAlberto Poratelli
5The Ring-tailed LemurRodmaking TechniquessMarco O. Giardina
5HSS plane bladesToolings and machinesGiovanni Nese
5Shark tooth hollowingRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
5The 2011 European Gathering postersEvents/GatheringsIBRA
5Massimo Strumia: Fly fisherman and photographerIBRA friendsIBRA
6EditorialEditorialsMarco O. Giardina
6The Rodmaker BookshelfRodmaking HistoryMarco O. Giardina
6About Myself and my RodmakingRodmakers ProfilesMats Oberg
6French Gathering?Miramas 2011Events/GatheringsAlix Antoni
6Manufacturing a wood reelFlyfishingEnzo Bardus
6Gothic ? ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesMoreno Borriero
6Manufacturing a wood rod tubeRodmaking TechniquesAntonio Paglia
6Brief notes on the action of bamboo rodsRodmaking TechniquesMarco O. Giardina
6Comparison of the ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori
6Design a "Streamlined" ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
6Fernando ?Nano? Biondani: Fly fisherman and photographerIBRA friendsIBRA
7EditorialEditorialsMarco O. Giardina
7Adventures with spigot ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesTim Anderson
7Bamboo and fliesFlyfishingAlberto Calzolari
7Mario ChiariRodmakers ProfilesRiccardo Baerlocher
7A different approach to making bamboo ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesOlar Ovidiu
7Wood Fly Reelmaker Andrea SattoFlyfishingAlberto Poratelli
7Argentina bamboo weekFishing destinationsMassimo Tirocchi
7Images by European Gathering 2011Events/GatheringsIBRA
7Experiments with various types of sectionsRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori, Marco Giardina
7Discussions on ?Shark Tooth? hollowingRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori, Alberto Poratelli
7Food for thought : ?Waterlog Magazine?Rodmaking HistoryMarco Giardina
8EditorialEditorialsMarco O. Giardina
8The 2011 IBRA Rodmaking classEvents/GatheringsEnrico Francioni
8SOL company and Wenzel Th?nerRodmaking HistoryPetr Holecek
8TapersMeditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
8A few things I know that may be helpfulRodmaking TechniquesDaniel Le Breton
8A walk down Memory LaneRodmaking HistoryGiorgio Grondona
8?Le gabarit? Dr Pequegnot's planing formRodmaking HistoryMarco Kerner
8Divagations on collectingFlyfishingAlberto Calzolari
8My first rod with a bamboo ferrulesMeditations and considerationsDavide Fiorani
8?The magic of bamboo? - ReviewReviewsMarco Giardina
9EditorialEditorialsMarco O. Giardina
9The F.I.B.H ferruleRodmaking TechniquesBjarne Fries
9Talking of wood, crisis, and ...Rodmaking TechniquesMarcelo Calviello
9The Bamboo ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
9Fishing big bamboo in British ColumbiaFishing destinationsBob Clay
9The appeal of seductionMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
9De planisToolings and machinesAngelo Arnoldi
9This is how I do itRodmaking TechniquesAndrea Ferranti
9Lapping filmsToolings and machinesAngelo Arnoldi
9Sleeve-spigot carbon-fiber ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesTim Anderson
10EditorialEditorialsMarco O. Giardina
10HappinessMeditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
105th European Gathering - Report -Events/GatheringsAlix Antoni
10A beginner at the Carcassonne GatheringEvents/GatheringsOlivier Brosset
10Splicing blockRodmaking TechniquesPatrick Maleig
10Stress in bamboo rods ...Rodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori
10RespectMeditations and considerationsAlberto Poratelli
10The Heat Treating Mystery""Rodmaking TechniquesMassimo Paccotti, Marco di Lorenzo
10The?second? firstMeditations and considerationsEnrico Francioni
11EditorialEditorialsMarco O. Giardina
11Bringing rough planed strips to their Final tapersRodmaking TechniquesPaul Agostini
11The view from Coal Creek - reviewReviewsMarco O. Giardina
11ParafernaliaFlyfishingMarco O. Giardina
11TurbocompoundMeditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
11IBRA - 2013 GatheringEvents/GatheringsAlberto Poratelli
11The Rodmaking MythsRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori, Marco Giardina
11Hardy's at IBRARodmaking HistoryAndrew Herd
12EditorialEditorialsGabriele Gori, Marco Giardina
12The rodmaking course 2013Events/GatheringsMaurizio Cardamone
12Wrapping bamboo ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
12How I make Poratelli's streamlined bamboo ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesJW Healy
12Water musicMeditations and considerationsEnrico Francioni
12Anatomy and properties of bambooMeditations and considerationsAlberto Poratelli
12Triangular rodsRodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori
13AmarcordRodmaking HistoryGabriele Gori
13Our Epic Italy Trip/IBRA 2014Events/GatheringsJeff Wagner
13This is how I approached bambooMeditations and considerationsStefano Eugeni
13This is how I do itRodmaking TechniquesStefano Ferri, Andrea Ferranti
13How do I Finish the bamboo rod?Rodmaking TechniquesMaurizio Cardamone
13The ?Former Beam Method?Rodmaking TechniquesMarzio Giglio
13Some pics of the GatheringEvents/GatheringsAlberto Poratelli
13IBRA - The new Board of DirectorsIBRAIBRA
14EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
14Calibrating the depth guageToolings and machinesGiovanni Nese
14How does one write on a bamboo rod?Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
14Welcome to the bamboo dayEvents/GatheringsStefano Ferri
14A spreadsheet for cutting the blankRodmaking softwareMassimo Giuliani
14A Pocketed Butt Cap with "mixed" working methodRodmaking TechniquesPaolo Zetti
14Catskill Bamboo Rodmakers Gathering 2014IBRA friendsMassimo Tirocchi
14Reflections...from the dunce's deskMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
14Evolution of the Multi-Track BevellerToolings and machinesDennis Bertram
14An interview with Tom MorganIBRA friendsMaurizio Cardamone
142014 IBRA CourseEvents/GatheringsMauro Moretti
15EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
15Andy Royer ... One of UsIBRA friendsAlberto Poratelli
15IBRA 2015 GatheringEvents/GatheringsPaolo Zetti
15FREE THOUGHTS ... of an old FishermanIBRA friendsAngelo Droetto
15Interview to Roberto PragliolaIBRA friendsMaurizio Cardamone
15A question of ... enamelMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
15The Path finderRodmaking TechniquesAnders Hedin
15The magic of the fly rodMeditations and considerationsDaniel Le Breton
15Triangular and other shapes of bamboo rods - all rods are differentRodmaking TechniquesTapani Salmi
15The Former Beam Method Revisited - Progress Report no.2Rodmaking TechniquesMarzio Giglio
16EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
16IBRA 2015 Rodmaking CourseEvents/GatheringsMatteo Cadonà
16It all started with?Rodmaking HistoryAngelo Droetto
16Save the varnish!Rodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
16The Masone labyrinthEvents/GatheringsMaurizio Cardamone
16World Champions fish with bamboo tooFlyfishingDavide Fiorani
16HemingwayRodmaking HistoryGiovanni Nese
16Set the softwareRodmaking softwareGabriele Gori
16Cutting the blank of a 3-piece rodIBRA friendsMassimo Giuliani
16Reflections?from the dunce's desk?Ethics?ad Fohn?ethicsMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
17EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
17Memory of Gabriele CiarrocchiIBRA friendsMoreno Borriero
172016 IBRA Gathering ... a great exposition of historical American rodsEvents/GatheringsMarco O. Giardina, Maurizio Cardamone
17VibrationsMeditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
17The bamboo (1st part)Meditations and considerationsAlberto Mussati
17A simple scarf joint jig for nodeless constructionRodmaking TechniquesEd Berg
17Reflections ? from the dunce's desk... between legends and truthMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
17Alta val Gesso Fishing Show 2015Events/GatheringsSimone Ardigò
17The hybrid rodRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli, Moreno Borriero
17Images of European GatheringEvents/GatheringsAlberto Poratelli
17Presentation of Diane MichelinIBRA friendsMaurizio Cardamone
18EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
18The new IBRA board 2018/2022IBRAAlberto Poratelli
18The IBRA 2018 GatheringEvents/GatheringsMaurizio Cardamone
18A Rodmaker and Gentleman of yesteryearRodmakers ProfilesMoreno Borriero
18The life of a trout ...Meditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
18Strip SplitterRodmaking TechniquesGiovanni Nese
18Wave linear actionMeditations and considerationsDaniel Le Breton
18Rod & Reel balanceMeditations and considerationsDaniel Le Breton
18I saw how a flyfishing bamboo rod is bornMeditations and considerationsAlberto Mussati
18...the future of the little orphansMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
18The IBRA course 2016Events/GatheringsDaniele Baldini
19EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
19Tapered Bamboo FerrulesRodmaking TechniquesDavide Fiorani
19Federico and GiorgioMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
19Cane rod (re) designRodmaking TechniquesDaniel Le Breton
19Gluing with resins and epoxyRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
19I knowMeditations and considerationsAlberto Mussati
19Spliced ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesMassimo Giuliani
19Rod building class 2018Events/GatheringsMaurizio Cardamone
19Rapidity of the rod …Rodmaking TechniquesGabriele Gori
20EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
20In memoriam Roberto PragliolaMeditations and considerationsBruno Ragionieri
20Dreaming a taperRodmaking TechniquesMarco Orlando Giardina (MOG)
20Doctor Jekyll and Mister HydeMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
20Guides spacingRodmaking TechniquesDaniel Le Breton
20History of Pezon & MichelRodmaking HistoryClaude Blatgé e Bernard Rigal
20A practical method for millingRodmaking TechniquesMassimo Paccotti
20IBRA gathering 2019Events/GatheringsMaurizio Cardamone
21EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
21Forged bamboo: evolution or revolution?Rodmaking TechniquesFrèdèric Leroy
21In the correct measure…the measure…is “correct”Meditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
21Out of Africa: the bamboo rods of Stephen BoshoffRodmakers ProfilesMaurizio Cardamone
21Why cane?Meditations and considerationsHarrison Ross Steeves III
212019 Rodmaking course and stagesEvents/GatheringsOliviero Mossier
21Varnishing the rough piece: a varnish saving method Rodmaking TechniquesDavide Fiorani
22EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
22The colour of the blanksMeditations and considerationsAngelo Arnoldi
22A dangerous metamorphosis…Meditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
22Thoughts of angles during the days of angelsRodmaking TechniquesAnders Hedin
22Bamboo and forgingMeditations and considerationsMarco Orlando Giardina
22It’s broken!Meditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
22Olivia EliaRodmakers ProfilesMarco orlando Giardina
22The restoration cornerRodmaking TechniquesRomano Godi
22A simple modification of the Garrison binder for quadrate rodsRodmaking TechniquesMarzio Giglio
23EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
23IBRA 2021 CourseEvents/GatheringsDavide Girò
23Effect of intermediate spiral wrappingRodmaking TechniquesTapani Salmi
23The oven…a strangerRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
23Heat treatment: “cooking” bamboo with right recipe!Rodmaking TechniquesAngelo Arnoldi
23Rabbits, meters of twine and deformationsMeditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
23Lissajous and rodsMeditations and considerationsGiovanni Nese
23Rodmaking, Flyfishing and...points of "oversights"Meditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
23Two-handed bamboo rods – IBRA course on the Oglio RiverEvents/GatheringsDavide Fiorani
24EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
24A FriendMeditations and considerationsMarco O.Giardina
24A jig for milling insertsRodmaking TechniquesOscar Ferri
24Edward Barder meets IBRAEvents/GatheringsMaurizio Cardamone
24A bamboo rack for bamboo rodsRodmaking TechniquesPeer Doering Aries
24I’m Edward BarderIBRA friendsEdward Barder
24From the sacre to the profane…to the diabolicalMeditations and considerationsOscar Ferri
24Woods for rodmakingRodmaking TechniquesMarco O.Giardina
24Taper…and bar chatMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
24IBRA 2022 GatheringEvents/GatheringsMaurizio Cardamone
25EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
25Epoxy connectionRodmaking TechniquesAngelo Arnoldi
25Equilibrium and hollowingRodmaking TechniquesAlberto Poratelli
25Rodmaking and Artificial IntelligenceMeditations and considerationsGPT
25 Latet anguis in herbaMeditations and considerationsAngelo Arnoldi
25My “hybrid” rodRodmaking TechniquesEnrico Grasselli
25UrushiRodmaking TechniquesMarco Orlando Giardina
25Pastry chefs and…mud cakesMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
25Presentation of IBRA Bamboo Rod ShowEvents/GatheringsIBRA Rod Show
26EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
26Development of the TBF conical bamboo ferrule: analysis after a few yearsRodmaking TechniquesDavide Fiorani
26Downhill varnishingRodmaking TechniquesMassimo Paccotti
26Airbrush varnishingRodmaking TechniquesDaniele Giannoni
26 The Shining of StroppingRodmaking TechniquesMarzio Giglio
26The finishing of the rodRodmaking TechniquesMaurizio Cardamone
26Making Hexagonal Winding ChecksRodmaking TechniquesMoreno Borriero, Mirco Forlani, Massimo Paccotti
27EditorialEditorialsMaurizio Cardamone
27Gabriele Gori AwardIBRA AwardMaurizio Cardamone
27Machining ferrulesRodmaking TechniquesMike Falduto e Tom Millar
27General notes on bamboo, its characteristics and its strange mysteriesMeditations and considerationsAngelo Arnoldi
27 Epoxy resins for finishing wrappingsRodmaking TechniquesDavide Fiorani
27Rod making – A Pragmatic Approach!Rodmaking TechniquesJens Dahl Mikkelsen
27A fast 8’0’’ Taper for Costal Sea TroutMeditations and considerationsJens Dahl Mikkelsen
27The Rodmaker’s paradox…in the third millenniumMeditations and considerationsGiorgio Grondona
27Glimpses on a minor rod making techniqueRodmaking TechniquesMarzio Giglio